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James is an emerging goalkeeper who has been making waves with his exceptional talent and dedication to his position. Despite being new to the position, James has already shown immense potential and promise as a goalkeeper, catching the attention of the coaches, parents and team mates with outstanding saves. With a combination of athleticism, quick reflects and a fearless attitude, James has all the traits of a top-class goalkeeper


Noah is a young and exuberant midfield dynamo, known for lighting up the football pitch with his infectious smile and boundless enthusiasm. He possesses exceptional close ball control and impressive dribbling ability, often gliding past opponents with ease. In addition to his attacking flair, Noah is a hardworking midfielder who tracks back diligently and contributes to defensive efforts


George is a tenacious and dynamic midfielder, renowned for his relentless work ethic and unwavering determination, and an eye for a goal. As a midfielder, George is relentless in winning back possession, breaking up the opponent’s play, and launching quick counter-attacks. Combining defensive prowess with a goal-scoring instinct, George is an all-round force to be reckoned with on the football pitch


Flynn is a formidable defender known for his tenacious and persistence playing style. His love for a tackle and determination have made him a key asset in the Lion’s defensive setup.

His commitment to every tackle showcases a resilient attitude, making him a nightmare for opposing forwards. Flynn anticipates opposition moves, intercepts passes, and breaks up play, halting attacks before they gain momentum


James is a mesmerising midfielder who possesses a wand of a left foot, capable of producing moments of pure magic on the football pitch. A skillful and influential presence in the centre of the field who can use his vision and creativity to unlock tight defenses. James is renowned for his goal-scoring ability and his exceptional left-foot, he is truly a magician with the ball at his feet


Dexter is a dynamic left-footed winger, celebrated for his mesmerizing dribbling skills and a keen eye for goal. With his electrifying pace and quick changes of direction, Dexter can leave defenders trailing in his wake, creating space to deliver accurate deliveries into the box or take on goal-scoring opportunities. His ability to cut inside and unleash shots with his lethal left foot makes him formidable in front of goal. Renowned for his goal-scoring exploits and attacking prowess, Dexter is a nightmare for opposition defenders


Teddy is a highly skilled and versatile midfielder, renowned for his technical prowess and ability to control the flow of the game. With his footballing intelligence and creativity, Teddy plays a vital role in shaping the outcome of the Lion’s matches. Beyond his passing abilities, Teddy is adept at dribbling past opponents with ease. He can navigate tight spaces and maintain possession under pressure. A true midfield maestro!


Ellis is an intelligent and accomplished defender renowned for his impeccable positional sense, exceptional game-reading abilities and skillful forward passing. His defensive prowess and tactical awareness make him a stalwart in any defensive setup. Ellis’s distribution from the back is top-notch, as he can accurately find teammates with long-range threaded passes down the line through opposition lines. Apart from his defensive prowess, Ellis is the go-to player for spot-kicks due to his impressive penalty-taking abilities

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