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The Village Ground

Having looked to find a "Home" of our own for several years, we were renting pitches off Cowpen Cricket Club when the Cricket club committee offered us the chance to take over the ground. After a lot of legal hoops to jump through we took charge of the cricket club in April 2016 and renamed it "The Village Ground" to keep it's association with the nearby village of Cowpen Bewley. The ground suffers from poor drainage being sited on the Billingham clay used many years to make bricks. Over the years parents, coaches and volunteers have helped us improve the drainage and the playing areas, however we are never going to beat the elements.​

As the nation settled down to watch England v Scotland we received a call to say that our clubhouse was on fire. The fire destroyed the left side changing room and whilst the claim was waiting to be settled we suffered another vandal & Arson attack. In the following weeks the weather and local vandals pulled down what was left leaving us with a pile of rubble.

We continued to use the ground keeping our children playing football, with the understanding from parents and visiting teams about the lack of facilities. 

In the years leading up to the fire the ground hosted our tournament, a family fun day with a colour run. The fire has held us back as a club both financially and socially.

In April 2023 the club agreed a settlement with the insurance company and started to plan the grounds redevelopment.

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