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Pitch side banners

We are offering Companies the chance to buy a Canvass pitch side banner. Made from high quality PVC and Brass eyelets the banner will act as part of our respect barrier pitch side to be seen by home and away supporters. For more details please contact John Swanson on 07549011696 or email billinghamjuniors 
Prices are £250/ season or £400 for 2 seasons.
Banners will be put out every Sunday to act as part of our respect barriers therefore will always be in use when football matches are taking place at the Village Ground. These will be stored inside when not in use and cleaned, if necessary, before their next use. 

The club will this season (2023/24) have 10 teams playing at the ground, playing approximately 10 home games each.
Teams have on average 10 players at this level
so we have 10 teams x 10 home games x 10 players = 1000c away parents from across the Tees Valley, Co.  Durham & North Yorkshire attending our games in addition add our parents and your banner and company brand will be seen by and reach 1100 unique eyes. (Banners will be used EVEN when your chosen team is away from home)
Add to that the recognition on our website, social media channels and our club presentation day. This will enhance your social commitment, it really is great value and a fantastic opportunity to support a local grassroots Junior football club.

Click to see our 22/23 Sponsor video


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